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Join a complete insight into Institutional Trading & Multi-Strategy Asset Management. During your time with us, you will be learning & working with each of our divisions. The objective of the academy is for you to gain crucial hands-on financial experience & knowledge.

2 week Internship into Multi-Strategy Institutional Trading

6 Trading

8+ Asset Types Explored

8 Uncorrelated


12 Dedicated

18+ Hours of Strategy Building

22+ Hours of

Certificate of Completion

Potential Placement

Recommendation Letter

Course Overview

  • Dates: March 3,4,5th & 10,11,12th 

  • Structure: 2 Weeks Internship (3 days per week, 6 days total)

  • WEEK 1: Janus Desk (Forex & Index Futures Trading), Quant Desk (Intro to Machine Learning & Trading Algorithms), Macro Swing Desk (Macro Fundamentals, Commodities)

  • WEEK 2: Delta Desk (Long/Short Options Trading & Risk Management), Macro Equity Desk (Commodity Correlation Analysis), Macro Catalyst (Global Catalysts Sensitivity Usage)

  • Also included is your certificate & recommendation letters ceremony as well as 2 hours on Career Tips, networking, CV, Interviews & LinkedIn advice

Quant Desk Insight

This part of the course will help you decide whether a ‘quant’ career is for you; taking you through the considerations and contributions automated trading systems bring to the trading world. You will come away with an understanding of a quants place in a firm, as well as a learning how to build & backtest your own strategy.

Key Subjects during your insight with the Quant Desk:

  • Learn how an automated trading system works.

  • Generate a backtest evaluation pdf which is yours to keep, post and share.

  • Learning how to build your own algorithmic strategy and test it using our pipeline.

Learning Objectives

  • How automated systems dominate modern financial markets.

  • Understanding the importance of automatic trading in modern firms.

  • Technical requirements to develop, build and execute these strategies.

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Delta Desk Insight

During your time with Delta Desk, you will gain a full insight into institutional derivatives trading, starting with an overview of options & their utility in the market. Moreover you’ll learn how to hedge your positions & make use of the 4 main options trading strategies.

Furthermore, with these fundamental learnings we’ll go over identifying market conditions, understanding price action & gathering specific criteria to build a profitable portfolio. Then you’ll learn how to manage risk following institutional techniques to remain profitable in any market conditions.

Key Subjects during your insight:

  • Options Introduction, Pricing, Intro to Long/Short trading

  • Intro to Hedging & making use of the 4 main options strategies,

  • Building a momentum oriented watchlist & identifying profitable market conditions

  • Institutional Risk management & portfolio exposure

  • Mastering Price Action & Capitalising on Market Pivots

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the use of options in Long/Short trading & hedging.

  • Identifying opportunities in the market & taking advantage of options

  • Understanding & capitalising on volatility

  • Enhanced Risk Management Skills (Staying profitable under any market conditions)

Janus Desk Insight

The aim of this section of the course is to give you extensive & hands-on knowledge regarding FOREX & Futures trading, giving you additional tools for your future career in finance.

During your time with the Janus Desk, you will gain a full insight into short term institutional Currency & Futures trading, going in depth into strategy building & testing by making the most out of available market data.

Key Subjects during your insight:

  • Futures and CFDs demystified

  • Introduction to momentum & technical based strategies

  • Using & exploiting market data for excel

  • Excel modelling for trading strategies

  • Introduction to trading psychology and to the keys of consistency

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding how to trade Currencies, Futures and using leveraged products such as CFDs

  • Understand the fundamentals of short term trading strategies

  • How to model & continuously optimise your strategy with live market data

  • Building Consistency & Risk Management


G10 Global Macro Insight

Experience with the Macro Desk aims to let you try fundamental discretionary trading to see if you’d like to pursue a career in Sales & Trading or Hedge Funds, as several members of the desk are. We’ll take you through all of the key foundations of trading, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management and psychology.

You’ll then put this into practice as you construct your own trades alongside us as we guide you through our day-to-day process. Market-moving events that will be covered include: central bank meetings, economic data releases and geopolitical developments. We’ll cover these LIVE in real-time, in order for you to get a flavour of what institutional trading is really like as you put your newfound skills to the test!

Key Subjects during your insight:

  • Fundamental analysis (macro themes, data releases, geopolitics)

  • Elementary technicals & entry timing

  • Risk management & developing a process

  • Trading (performance) psychology

  • Hedge Fund Daily routine

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding macroeconomic fundamentals and multi-asset market movements

  • See the team work in real-time, gain an understanding on whether a career in Sales & Trading or Hedge Funds could be for you

  • Develop a trading process, including trade implementation, risk management and your own personal psychology

  • Generate and manage your own trade ideas, with direct guidance and feedback from the team

Global Alpha Insight

This part of the course aims to propel your knowledge on the effects macroeconomic variables have on the financial markets and how to profit of these effects. You will learn the cyclicality markets share within the business cycle and the techniques used to trade and manage risk around these cycles.

During your time with the Macro Swing Division you will become familiar with Global Macro strategy and conducts top down research that could lead to fully developed trades.

Key Subjects during your insight:

  • Introduction to top down research and macroeconomic relationships in the financial markets

  • Introduction to Multi Day Macro strategy

  • Data Analysis on Successful and unsuccessful Global Macro trades -> Strategy Optimisation

  • Portfolio management for Global Macro strategy

  • How trade ideas are formulated and positions taken.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the relationships between financial markets and macroeconomic variables

  • Being able to conduct a top down research

  • Generating a macro outlook and identifying opportunities to follow it

  • Ability to construct a mid to long term global macro portfolio and manage market risks

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Multi Asset Desk Insight

During your time with the Multi- Asset Desk you will uncover the basic knowledge needed to identify opportunities within the macro environment, construct a balanced portfolio, effectively trade the portfolio and use various measures to reduce risk/ hedge your positions. You will work alongside the Multi- Asset Desk team in creating your own strategies and testing such strategies’ efficacy in a challenging environment.

We are aiming to give you the tools you need for an effective edge over the competition when it comes to both your career applications and financial awareness

Key Subjects during your insight:

  • Portfolio construction and diversification.

  • Discovering unique macro- based trading opportunities.

  • In- depth market analysis for various sectors.

  • Basic financial statement analysis.

  • Implementing technical analysis to supplement your fundamental judgement.

  • Risk management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Successfully understand the current- day macro challenges and opportunities.

  • Fully grasp the basics of building a balanced and diverse portfolio, tailored to the macro environment.

  • Successfully understand the process of the creation of a new long/ short trading strategy.

  • Identifying key risks to your positions and how to effectively hedge them.

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