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The MCD Newsletter

Equities, Derivatives, FX & Fixed Income Weekly Research


Introducing the MCD Weekly Global Markets Report, a game-changing collaboration between industry leaders TradingView, London Politica, and our esteemed MCD Market Research Division.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Equities, Derivatives, FX, and Fixed Income markets with our comprehensive report. Each week, we provide you with invaluable insights, expert analysis, and actionable trading ideas. Here's a glimpse of the newsletter contents awaiting:


Newsletter Contents

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to elevate your trading game. Join us as we bring together unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge research, and actionable strategies to empower your financial success. Subscribe to MCD Weekly Global Markets Research today and unlock your full trading potential.

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Global Markets (US/EU) Roundup:

Stay ahead of the curve with a complete overview of market momentum, trends, and significant developments. Discover the latest headlines and track the biggest equity moves & index performances.

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Economic Catalysts & Equity Earnings:

Harness the power of macroeconomic market sensitivity by staying informed about critical economic catalysts such as CPIs and FOMCs. Gain valuable insights into upcoming equity earnings and their projected impact on stock prices.

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Global Macro Overview:

Our macro analysts dive deep into weekly macro overviews, unraveling the complexities of global markets. Understand how current decisions shape market dynamics, price tendencies, and correlations, enabling you to navigate any market situation confidently.

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FX & Credit Overview:

Master the FX market and comprehend the interplay between monetary conditions, credit rates, bonds, and currencies. Stay on top of inflation and economic concerns with critical insights that impact your trading decisions.

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Delta Desk Intraday Weekly Watchlist:

Benefit from our expert options trading strategies for US Equity and Index options. With an impressive 72% win rate and a sharpe ratio of 2.3, our weekly long and short levels leverage liquidity and momentum to help you seize profitable opportunities.

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TradingView Tips & Insights

Our partnership with TradingView unlocks access to their renowned market tips and insights on price indicators. Discover how to leverage these powerful tools across multiple assets and enhance your trading performance.

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Quant Division AI roundup:

Stay informed about the latest AI trends, receive weekly opinions from our quant analysts on algo trading and machine learning, and gain valuable career and coding tips & techniques.

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