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MCD Capital

Growth, Performance, Consistency

Awarded the "Most Innovative New Investment Fund in the United Kingdom 2022" - World Business Outlook

"Best Student Investment Fund in the United Kingdom for the year 2022" - Global Brands Magazine

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About Us

MCD Capital was founded in 2021 in London, United Kingdom. We are an entirely student led investment fund. We have placed our focus on consistently enhancing financial performance by applying diverse investment disciplines across 4 desks in order to be uncorrelated to worldwide markets. While doing so, we continuously provide an efficient environment for the new generation of investors to learn & perform.

Being within London's academic environment, MCD Capital was born based on the idea of leveraging & responding to the great amount of ambition, knowledge and true passion for the markets amongst top university students.


Our investment philosophy is centralised on investing in a uncorrelated, directionally agnostic & diversified manner by finding patterns within financial data and leveraging these on short time scales via small positions executed both manually and algorithmically.

This means that we maintain an extremely low risk compared to buy-and-hold approaches whilst allowing us to outperform significantly both in falling and rising markets, as has been demonstrated since our inception.

Markets have proven to be efficient in the long run, thus hard to outperform, however by continuously optimising our systematical short term strategies we are able to outperform them.


We seek to provide ambitious and highly efficient students with the hands-on experience of growing a proper fund. Our Moto being that "age is just a number, performance doesn’t lie"

​We want to generate value for our partners and our team by building and enhancing our advanced market strategies to generate consistent, systematical and low risk alpha.

As the fund grows, we aspire to recruit talent across the globe, having a truly open and meritocratic firm where only personal abilities play into one's place at the firm.

Our Values

Adaptability: Regarding markets, we are uncorrelated, our approach makes us adaptable. We can be profitable whether the market is bearish or bullish.

Collaboration: We are one, we work together to enhance each other's knowledge and performance. As long as we collaborate, we are strong, no one is left behind.

Empowerment: The team is trusted to do their job and constantly seek to improve. Having a powerful team we are able to bring on innovative ideas to our operations without judgemental fear. 

Leaders of Objectivity:  When we trade, we refer to facts data and pure analysis. We review every idea as whole to be detached from emotion and promote objectivity on a position. We emphasise discussion, anticipation and strategy.

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